Jacum ICT is a software development consultancy based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It is run since 2010 by me, Timur Evdokimov, software engineer, born in Moscow, Soviet Union.

My first software development experience started in 1989 - I wrote a file commander in PDP-11 ASM.

Since 1996 I work in IT full-time as system and network administrator, since 2000 - as a software developer.

I moved to the Netherlands in 2001, and since 2005 I've been working as a contractor, delivering quality software for Finance, Logistics and E-Commerce industries.

My primary expertise is developing and maintaining of enterprise-scale Java/Scala server applications, closely following latest trends towards lean and scalable Reactive architectures, superceding rigid and expensive Java Enterprise legacy.

Though I always enjoyed hands-on work with the code and applications, my focus has always been on long-term business value: reducing maintenance costs, and providing smooth experience to end users of the software.

I work at the customers' sites or from my home office, and also leverage the skills of nearshore software contractors from Russia and Ukraine.

Next to several programming languages, I also possess a good command of spoken/written Dutch and English.

To get better picture, you may want to see my skills profile and customers. My LinkedIn Profile may be also of some interest.

My CV can be downloaded here

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